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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Starting Over....

A little over 2 years ago I started a blog to keep family updated on our life while living in our "Castle on the Rock". I made a whopping 5 posts then got lost in life and forgot all about it. Whoops. I guess the whole "keeping people updated" thing didn't quite work out!

Since my last post in March of 2008 alot of stuff has happened.

1. We welcomed little L into our lifes in August. He's a pretty amazing boy and is now 19mo old!

2. We no longer live in our Castle. Since then we have moved back home where we are much more comfortable and happy :) Being gone really made us realize how important our family is and how much we love being close to them.

3. The "Man of the House" has taken on a new business venture that we are both enjoying.

4. K and M have grown so much, K is in preschool, and M is in Tumbling. Also both are taking swimming lessons which they really love.

The list could go on but most of you should know the rest ;) I am planning on keeping up with THIS blog. Obviously not to update you all on our life in Castle Rock but as a place to write about Life, My Loves, and my pursuit of the Perfect Meal! I hope you all will stop by often :)

Until next time....Jamie

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