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Sunday, June 20, 2010

To My Father's....

I have a Dad. A pretty great Dad! A Dad who took me to Handy Andy's on the way home every weekend he had me, and let me pick out a squeeze-it and a toy off the rack. A Dad who ALWAYS wanted to take me along with him on hunting and fishing trips. A Dad who was crazy enough to let me shoot his guns and drive his truck on the mountain roads. A Dad who gave me 2 amazing and gentle Brothers whom I love and love me dearly. A Dad who always made me feel like I was the most special little girl in the world!

I have another Dad. One I was blessed with when I married T. He's only been in my life for 8 years but has gone above and beyond to help out our family in any way he can. He is a true Man's man with a kind heart. I can't say enough kind words about him.

I also have a "Friend Dad". I think that's a good way to describe him. He's not so much in my life in the physical anymore but he does a heck of a job being there for me in voice. Someone I can ALWAYS count on to be there to listen to me. When I need to cry, or vent, or just want to talk to someone. He gives the best " makes most sense for me" advice and he always makes me smile. In fact just seeing his name on my phone makes me happy!

Last but certainly not least. I have a Husband. One I am incredibly proud of. He works so hard for our family and doesn't get nearly as much thanks as he deserves. He gets up with the kids in morning 99% of the time. Not because he wants to but because he knows that I am s l o w going in the A.M. . I don't know too many Dad's that do that! ( The 1% that I get up with them is on "his" holidays and when he has to work overnight at the beach. Pathetic I know! )He is the perfect Father to our 3 babes. He always takes time to just be in the moment with them. Whether its playing outside, or laying on the floor picking teams with K. That is something I admire about him and need to do some work on :) I don't think I could put into words all the great things about him but I thank God for him every day!

These are just a few of the Great "Father's" in my life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing men. I hope you all had the best day ever!

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